Food chain mechanic
The process of obtaining game tokens will be like the food chain cycle. There will be the following groups:
  • 🌳 Plants: Consume bone (DUB )+ (DUW) and produce Plants (DUP)
  • 🦕 Herbivorous dinosaurs: Consume Plants (DUP) + (DUW) and produce Meat (DUM)
  • 🦖 Carnivorous dinosaurs: Consume Meat (DUM) + (DUW) and produce bone (DUB )
At the same time, every part of the chain will need to consume Water (DUW)
  • 💧WATER Tokens (DUW): Can be obtained through the exploration mode
Users will be able to use the farming mode each 12 hours, but 24 hours with the use of additional tools/NFTs


Likewise, each token-producing NFT (dinosaurs and plants) will have different token production points in a range and according to their rarity.