Life cycle

Dino Universe has a life cycle flow for the game elements, so all the main items used will have a unique lifetime.
This process will help create a real-life like flow and control the inflation of NFTs and Tokens in the best way.

1. Birth 🪺 (EGGS)

In order to obtain an egg is necessary to blend fossils of the same dinosaur plus DNA

2. Growth 👦 (BABY DINO)

Baby dinos can only be fed, getting some tokens in return, and can't participate in the dungeons and explorations expeditions . Baby dinos will determine the points of the NFT after growing them into adult dinos like life points, stamina points, attack, and exploration points.
Baby dinosaurs can be obtained after hatching eggs. In order to grow your baby dino is necessary to feed them for a while. The growth time may vary between each dino and its rarity.

3. Adulthood 👨 (ADULT DINOSAUR)

Adult dinos can be fed, getting tokens in return according to their nature in the food chain. They can participate in dungeons and exploration expeditions. After some time and depending on their life points the adult dinos eventually will die when their life points reach 0, after that, they will become fossils.
Adult dinosaurs can be obtained after growing baby dinos.

4. Death 🪦 (FOSSIL)

Fossils are the last part of the life cycle of a Dino NFT. There will be fossils of:
  • Dinosaurs
  • Plants
Get a new NFT starting with eggs after blending 3 fossils of the same type of NFT. For example 3 fossils of a dinosaur.