DNA Minting System

  • Internal tokens can be obtained by playing the game with certain NFTs (dinosaurs - plants)
  • The governance token DNA is an Eosio token and can be obtained in exchange for internal tokens.
  • The exchange ratio will vary depending on the type of internal token and the current difficulty, so the replenishment of the token pool will decrease over time, A.K.A Halving.

Exchange Ratio

The exchange ratio will be determined by the value of the internal tokens multiplied by the current difficulty. 7 DUP 🍃 x (current difficulty)= 1 DNA 🧬 6 DUM 🍗 x (current difficulty)= 1 DNA 🧬 5 DUB 🦴 x (current difficulty)= 1 DNA 🧬 3 DUW 💧 x (current difficulty)= 1 DNA 🧬

How the current difficulty is calculated?

The difficulty will increase ⬆⬆⬆ if the amount of tokens available in the reward pool is being reduced (withdrawal) and the difficulty will be reduced ⬇⬇ if the number of tokens available in the reward pool increase. (buying packs, staking, crafting, blending, upgrading, hatching, etc).
  • Difficulty = (Initial token pool + reduced % of the token pool) / initial token pool
  • For each milestone of tokens minted reached the current compound interest will increase. The initial compound interest will be ∧ 1.
CURRENT DIFFICULTY FORMULA Current difficulty = Difficultycompound interest